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3 Easy Ways To Get an Anawangin Package for Less than the Money You Expect

Have you tried Island hopping, mini-trekking, and boat riding? How about Anawangin tour in San Antonio, Zambales?

The first possible option that you will do prior taking a summer vacation or if you’re planning a weekend getaway is to search first on the internet, you will google the place you want to go. My wild guess is, you came to this site because you googled ‘anawangin tour package’ or some word similar, or you came here from your Facebook account or a Fan Page. Another thing that you will do is you first ask some of your friends or office mates who already been in the place (maybe, they are not your true friends, because they left you during that time, kidding!)

Let me share you a not so fancy tips on how to get an anawangin cove tour package for less money. To be more specific, allow me to enumerate these three easy ways to get anawangin tour package for less of your precious money. Hmm. Pano nga ba?

On the internet, you will find that there are many anawangin tour packages available, but the problem is, you can’t afford it or you still don’t have the right budget at the moment. You came on the right blog. Here’s the three easy ways to get anawangin package for less than the money you expect
  1. Find a friend who can treat you half or even the full amount of Travel fee. This is very easy but you don’t have to sound very pity. Just tell her or him that you really loved the place and you just want to experience and want to see the beauty of Anawangin cove. Advantage to those girls who have a boyfriend. You just have to ask your behalf if he already went there and if not you just try to explain him the beauty of the place. You just have to build rapport, later he will ask you…”Do you want to go there?”, of course your answer is “Yes, but I don’t have enough budget...” Guys, just ready your wallet.. Ok, let’s go to number two.
  2. Form a group of 12-14 persons. This is the correct strategy. Mas madami mas masaya! If you’re a group leader, you can just organize a group of more than 10 people, rent a van, and share all the expenses within the entire group, equally divided. Instead of going there in a group of five or less, organize a bigger group and you will see the difference.
  3. Another tip, Tell your friends you will just share one great meal (your specialty) good for 3 persons, (that will cover all of your expense) but make sure it’s a kind of food that is not easily spoiled. Just make sure it looks like expensive. You just make sure that your special adodo will look like it came from a five star restaurant, Sorry I can’t find any food that cannot be easily spoiled. Hahah. Just use you creativity. Ok?
So there your have it, the three easy ways to get to anawangin cove for less than the money you expect. Well, if you followed tip number there, you may go to this link -->(anawangin tour packages) , you may tell your friends that they can really have an affordable anawangin tour package for less than the money they expect.


  1. cool, me sarili palang website for anawangin tour. wish you all the best here.ganda ng anawangin.coolness

  2. hello pk, just for fun and helping people to go there for less. anawangin the best. :)

    (Pinoy Virtual Info-Preneur)

  3. Meron ka bang kilalang na rerentahan ng boat?! Thanks